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You can choose these ways to carpet your bedroom.


    Now, more and more people will choose to lay carpets in the bedroom when decorating, so the question is how to lay the bedroom carpets to appear high-end, atmosphere, style, small knitting this will take you to see.

    Different people have different preferences. Some people like to spread carpets in their bedrooms.

    As shown in the picture, carpeting eliminates the need to lay floors or floor tiles. It feels good to step on it. You may fall in love with your bedroom. Such a full carpet, Xiaobian suggested bedroom is larger, the environment is not much dust room for laying.
    If you don't like paving, just want to use carpet for bedroom decoration, then you can choose a smaller blanket.

    The carpet can be placed beside the bed or at the corner of the bed as shown in the figure. The decorative effect is very warm, and the cleaning is very convenient.
There is also the combination of the two.

    The picture shows the children's room, Xiaobian also suggests that such a full carpet design can be used for children's or elderly people's rooms, because carpets are a soft material, after use, the elderly and children are not easy to fall down when walking, even if they fall down, they can reduce the damage caused by knocking, hardly use formaldehyde-releasing substances when laying, which is safe and environmentally friendly.

    Bedroom carpet in the pattern selection that is a considerable advantage, not only rich in color, a wide range of patterns, even the shape can make flowers, decorative effect is very strong, let people see later relaxed and happy.
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